The process of sperm formation occurs in the seminiferous tubules . A man is born with stem cells or spermatogonia which have the potential to produce sperm. These cells divide continuously throughout the man's life producing more stem cells and, simultaneously, cells which undergo spermatogenesis. Spermatogenesis consists of two parts: meiosis which produces haploid pre-spermatozoa called spermatids, and spermiogenesis which is the maturation of these spermatids to produce mature sperm. Sustentacular cells manage the process in the seminiferous tubules, maintaining the environment of the spermatocytes and secreting ABP (Androgen Binding Protein)that, in combination with testosterone, stimulates the completion of spermatogenesis. Spermiogenesis begins in the seminiferous tubules, but is usually completed in the epididymis .


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