Determining the Number of Electron Quantum Numbers to Know If

What is the maximum number of electrons that can be accommodated by the orbitals which have the following quantum numbers,

     a. 4p
     b. n = 3, l = 1, m = 1
     c. n = 2, l = 0
     d. 5d
     e. n = 4 and l = 3


a. For the 4p orbital quantum number azimutnya then the value is 1 where the value of the magnetic quantum number is 1, 0, -1 so there are 3 so the number of electron orbitals is 6.

b. main quantum number n = 3, azimutnya quantum number is l = 1 refers to p orbitals, so there are 3 orbitals due to the magnetic quantum number m is 1 then the maximum number of orbitals is 2.

c. main quantum number n = 2 and azimutnya quantum number is 0 this means that the electrons are diorbital s, so the maximum number of electrons is 2.

d. 5d, shows that the orbital is d where d orbital electrons has 5 rooms so the maximum is 10 electrons.

e. Main quantum number n = 4 and azimutnya number is l = 3 shows the orbital f, f orbital has 7 rooms so that the maximum number of electrons is 14.


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